About Premium/Ultra

NZBClient is a free app that you can use as long as you want in free mode, but there's two paid options if you'd like to support me, the sole developer (hi my name's Andy), and NZBClients's future development!

I'll break them down below, but in short the first is NZBClient Premium, a one-time paid (no subscription) option of $4.99 USD that unlocks a bunch of additional features in the app. The second is NZBClient Ultra, the highest tier, which includes everything in NZBClient Premium plus additional features. NZBClient Ultra is a subscription offering of $0.99 USD per month or $8.99/year, and is a subscription due to it having ongoing monthly costs to me, the developer.

NZBClient Premium

One-time fee. $5 USD. Includes these additional features:

Search Newznab

Get full access to powerful searching and Fetching from Newznab and Newznab compatible sites.

Multiple Servers

Add as many NZBGet servers as you need and quickly switch between them, configure local or remotes servers depending on your configuration.


Full control, editing, moving and deleting NZBGet Downloads and History.

Custom Menus

Fully customizable menus, add or remove menu options to make it your app.

Custom Upload & Fetch

Set custom upload and fetch options inc, name, priority & category.


Manual dark mode settings & pick from a couple of custom app icons, to better suit your home screen.

NZBClient Ultra

NZBClient Ultra is a tier above NZBClient Premium, and includes everything in NZBClient Premium (you don't need to buy both) as well as extras. It is a subscription of $0.99 USD per month, or $8.99 USD per year.

Why a subscription? Adding push notifications (and future features) to the app requires servers which are an ongoing cost to the developer, and allow developers to have a more reliable, consistent income (instead of selling something for a few dollars once with the expectation of being able to provide further free updates for an indefinite amount of years). Compared to most services, NZBClients's subscription fee is also very minimal, and provides a great deal of functionality that will only grow with time, and will likely consolidate with Premium over time to simplify offerings. I try to be reasonable, and hope this description lives up to that.

Push Notifications

Get Push Notifications when ever a new NZB is added, failed, deleted, or downloaded in NZBGet, push notifications also work with any Pushover comparable service with minor changes or even your own code.

Encrypted Push Notifications

Optionally enable end to end encryption to keep the content of your messages private from NZBClient's or Apple's servers.

Auto Categorizer

Setup powerful rules to automatically categorize downloads when fetching within the app.

Smart Switch

Smart Switch automatically switches between local and remote server configurations when your leave the house, (helpful when connecting directly at home and with reverse proxy when out).

App Icons

Personalize and customize NZBClient even more with a bunch of amazing Ultra exclusive App Icons.

Ultra Accounts and Privacy

NZBClient Ultra requires users to create an account to use Ultra. Accounts require an email address and password for authentication.

You can delete your account at any time within the app by navigating to the Settings tab -> NZBClient Ultra. Scroll to the bottom and tap "Delete Account." This action will permanently delete all personal data, including emails, passwords, and tokens, from NZBClient's servers. Some data may still be retained within the app itself.

You can create a new account at any time.

If you create an account but never subscribe to Ultra, your account will automatically be deleted after two weeks.

Thank You For Reading

For what it's worth the app is free to download and evaluate as long as you'd like, and you never have to pay for anything without you explicitly agreeing to support the app, so I'd encourage you to check it out, and these paid features are explained in even better detail in the app itself!

I'm just one guy building NZBClient, and I try to price it very reasonably and walking a line between letting people use it for free but also hopefully support me so I can continue to build NZBClient as my full-time job and make it better for everyone. Oh and so I can feed my do Archer. Thank you for considering supporting!

  • Andy