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NZBGet Queue & Post-Processing Script

This is the official NZBClient Script for NZBGet, it supports both Queue & Post-Processing in one script and will need to be enabled for all categories you want to receive post-processing notifications from and enabled as an Extension script to get queue notifications.

Please see the Ultra Setup page for installation instructions.


  • Python 3 to be installed on your system that runs NZBGet.
  • Access to your NZBGet setup to install a Queue/Post-Processing script.
  • NZBClient version 2023.3 or greater


Follow the instructions here to setup this NZBGet script.

Latest Version

1.0.1 -

Script History

Version Date Change Log Download
1.0.1 Oct 9, 2023 Improve documentation
1.0.0 Oct 7, 2023 Initial Release

Radarr Script

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Sonarr Script

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