About Message Encryption

Message encryption in NZBGet is an optional feature when setting up push notifications that encrypts the body of messages for increased privacy and security.

Encrypted messages that have been successfully decrypted will display 🔒 at the start of the message, so you can easily tell if it is working.

How it works

The message body is encrypted before sending and decrypted in the app before it's presented, using a private key stored in the app's keychain. This avoids NZBClient's or Apple's servers from reading the message body.

Currently, only the message body supports encryption, as it's expected that only the message body will contain private or sensitive information. Other fields like title and subtitle will have non-sensitive status information like NZB Downloaded.

You can find out more about how encryption works by checking out the API documentation.


  1. In NZBClient, navigate to Settings -> NZBClient Ultra -> Notifications.

  2. Scroll down to "Private Key" and tap on the ellipsis (3 dot menu) , then select "Generate Key" from the menu.

  3. Tap the ellipsis (3 dot menu) again, then tap "Copy."

  4. In your web browser, log in to NZBGet and navigate to Settings -> NZBClient.

  5. Set EncryptionEnabled to Yes.

  6. Paste your Private Key into the PrivateKey field.

  7. Scroll to the bottom and click "Save all changes," then "Reload NZBGet."

  8. Finally, navigate back to the NZBClient script and scroll to the bottom. Click "Test Push Notifications," then confirm it worked by checking that your test message contains 🔒.

Setup On Additional Devices

If you have more than one device that runs NZBClient, you need to copy your Private Key to all other devices. The Private Key must be the same on all your devices.

  1. On your main device where you generated your Private Key in the first step, tap the ellipsis again to copy your Private Key.

  2. On your other devices, make sure your Private Key is in your clipboard, then log in to Ultra and navigate to the Notifications page.

  3. Tap the ellipsis and select "Enter Existing Key." This will copy the Private Key from your clipboard into the device's keychain.

  4. Repeat step 3 on any remaining devices.


Feedback about message encryption is welcome, if you would like suggest changes or use an alternative encryption please contact me via support, I'm happy to make improvements/changes to improve security and privacy.