Setup Auto-Categorizer

Getting Started

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Auto-Categorizer will scan the title of any NZB you are about to fetch or upload using regular expressions, then it will try and find the best category to set in NZBGet.

To get started with Auto-Categorizer first open the NZBClient's settings and navigate to Auto-Categorizer, then tap the plus button to a new expression and category pair.

Adding an Expression

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First, enter the category you would like to be selected for this expression, you can either manually enter one or tap the 'Server Categories' button to select a category from NZBGet.

Then, enter your regular expression. Sites like can help you find and test your expressions before entering them into the app.

The example used here has a regular expression (s\d+e\d+|s\d+ complete) this should match any NZB titles containing text like S01E01.

Testing an Expression

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Tap the 'Test' button then enter your test text, you can use a title of the NZB you are trying to match and you should also test a number of different titles to confirm its working as expected.

Eg: With the expression (s\d+e\d+|s\d+ complete) with example title hello world s01e01.nzb will return a “success”, as it matches the text s01e01.

Finally save the expression. Once saved any time you send an NZB file or link to NZBGet, NZBClient will use this rule to try and set a category for that NZB.

Ordering & Testing All Expressions

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When adding more than one expression order matters! Order them from highest to lowest priority (you can change order by editing each expression).

After adding more than one expression you should test all expressions at once, to check the ordering is correct and no categories are overridden by the wrong expression (test by tapping the 'flask/test tube' icon).

Similar to testing one expression, you need to enter a title of something you would like to be categorized. Then pressing the 'Test' button should return a found category, if testing fails try adding or editing your expressions.